Minutes Special Town Board Meeting May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017

This Special Town Board Meeting was noticed according to State Statute 19.84. Posted as required by law. Board members present were Chairman Michael Timmons, Supervisors Corky Sheppard, Shirley Jacoby, Ed Richardson and Barry Seidel, Jr. Also present were Clerk Christine Woynich, Treasurer Evelyn Schneiderman, Road Supervisor Michael Pockat, Tom Handrick with Lakeland Landscaping, George Zoch, Jack Dunbar from Pinno and Tom Thompson

Chairman Timmons called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Motion by Sheppard; seconded by Jacoby, to approve the agenda with the order of the agenda items at the Chair’s discretion. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.

Bids were reviewed; discussion followed. Additional upgrades were provided by Lakeland Landscaping and a bid for a 40x60 building was provided by Pinno; neither was able to be considered as they were submitted after the deadline. Motion by Seidel Jr., seconded by Richardson to accept the lowest bid from Lakeland Landscaping for
$103, 550 with the following contingencies; state approved plans be obtained, all local permits be obtained, proof of insurance be provided, with a preliminary project completion date of November 1, 2017. Handrick stated that full payment was due at time of completion. Seidel stated that he felt comfortable that financing would be able to be obtained to finance the project. All board members voted aye; motion carried.
Pockat stated the Road Department would need a minimum 40x60 building to store all equipment that is currently being stored outside or at another location. Timmons stated that there was additional property being stored outside from the Fire Department and Police Department. Quotes Pockat received for a pole building ranged from $19.25 to $25 per square foot. Discussion followed; no action taken.
Seidel Jr. stated that there would need to be a budget resolution, or money would need to be borrowed. Seidel Jr. recommended using the contingency fund to pay for the building in order to save money on interest. Timmons stated that the accountant warned that the lower the contingency fund goes, the less likely the town will be able to borrow money with not enough back-up equity. Treasurer will obtain information about possible financing options with a four year term. Accountant will be consulted with to obtain recommendations regarding the recommended balance for the contingency fund. No action taken.
Motion by Sheppard to adjourn, seconded by Richardson. Jacoby voted aye, no members voted nay. Meeting was adjourned at 7:06 p.m.

/s/Christine Woynich
Town Clerk

Approved: 06/13/2017

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