Minutes Regular Town Board Meeting April 11, 2017

April 11, 2017

This Regular Town Board Meeting was noticed according to State Statute 19.84. Posted as required by law, news media notified. Board members present were Chairman Michael Timmons, Supervisors George Zoch, Shirley Jacoby, Ed Richardson and Supervisor Barry Seidel, Jr. Also present were Clerk Kim Albano, Treasurer Kris Johnson, Charles Rudolph, Joan T. Seramur and Brian Jopek~ Lakeland Times.

Chairman Timmons called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Motion by Zoch; seconded by Richardson, to approve the agenda with the order of the agenda items at the Chair’s discretion. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.

Motion by Jacoby; seconded by Richardson to approve the minutes of March 28, 2017 Regular Town Board meeting. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.


• The Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 18th at 6:00 p.m.
• The Wisconsin Towns Association town official’s training will be held in Minocqua on May 11, 2017
• Clerk Albano read the elections results for the next term: Chairman Michael Timmons; Clerk Christine Albano; Treasurer Dave Christenson; Supervisors Shirley Jacoby and Corky Sheppard.
• Governor Walker proclaimed that May 7 – 13, 2017 as Municipal Clerks Appreciation Week.


1. OPEN AND CONSIDER BIDS MIDLAKE ROAD One bid was received from Pitlik and Wick for $207,317.51. The amount budgeted for 2017 for reconstruction is $221,696.94. Timmons advised that a resident had an issue with his driveway and was hoping the town could accommodate him with the reconstruction. Discussion followed.
• Motion by Timmons to review the bid for accuracy of specifications prior to awarding. Seconded by Jacoby. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.
• Motion by Seidel to postpone the award until the next Regular Town Board meeting on April 25, 2017. Seconded by Richardson. Richardson, Seidel, Jacoby and Zoch voted aye; Motion Carried. Timmons voted nay.
2. SALT SHED SITE PLAN, TYPE OF BUILDING, FLOOR; POSSIBLY SET OUT FOR BID There was lengthy discussion related to the plans obtained from Lac du Flambeau and what the final specifications should be. Motion by Jacoby to put the salt shed out for bid using the specifications discussed: Bidding a salt/sand shed building to hold 1000 yards of salt/sand mixture; 40 x 68 foot with a minimum of a 4 foot front, 8 foot side and back concrete structure, 12 foot sidewalls (20 foot finished total height for sidewalls); Including a roof, floor and siding system- asphalt floor complete gravel (substrate?), etc; siding steel/vinyl; roof steel/asphalt. No doors- 16 x 20 open front; 2 foot eaves/overhang; must be able to meet all engineering and state approvals with allowance to be included in bid; due to town by May 23rd. Seconded by Richardson. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.
3. POSSIBLE ADVERTISING FOR LAWN MAINTENANCE QUOTES Motion by Seidel to advertise for lawn maintenance quotes to be due by May 9, 2017. Seconded by Jacoby. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.
4. SECOND READING OF AMENDED ATV ORDINANCE 435-8 ATV/UTV USE ON TOWN ROADS Jacoby asked for the quiet zones to be defined in the ordinance. Albano would add no trailer parking at the municipal lot on 2nd Avenue as requested at the previous Regular Town Board meeting. Motion by Jacoby to add the number nine to C. Definitions: Quiet Zone shall be defined as a zone at which an all-terrain vehicle must be operated at a speed not to exceed ten (10) miles per hour. Seconded by Zoch. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.
5. TELEPHONE POLES BEHIND TOWN SHOP Jacoby advised that the Community Gardeners were concerned about the poles. Timmons advised that the poles could be moved to another area after the snow melts. No action taken.
6. BUDGET AMENDMENT #02-2017: THAT THE SUM OF $2,072.23 IS HEREBY TRANSFERRED FROM THE SURPLUS APPLIED- UNRESTRICTED LINE ITEM ACCOUNT #49000-3 TO THE SURPLUS APPLIED- CEMETERY LINE ITEM ACCOUNT #49060. Clerk Albano explained that when the cemetery CD’s came due, the Treasurer withdrew funds for cemetery expenses in 2016 and 2017. A budget amendment was necessary to transfer the funds from the General Fund into the 2017 budget. Treasurer Kris Johnson explained that this is necessary in order to not tax the property owners for the cemetery. Jacoby stated that since the town is responsible for the cemetery anyway, it would be simpler to add this to the levy. Seidel stated that he did not feel it was fair to tax the property owners for the cemetery. Discussion followed. Motion by Seidel to approve the budget amendment as presented. Seconded by Zoch. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.
7. BUILDING SIDING Chairman Timmons advised that more siding came down from the storm. Timmons reminded the board that there is not enough damage for an insurance claim and there is a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer. Motion by Seidel to direct the Road Crew to report to the board a possible solution for repairing or fixing the siding by the next Regular Town Board meeting. Seconded by Richardson. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.
8. CONSIDER MARCH BILLS FOR APPROVAL Motion by Seidel to approve the March bills in the amount of $125,404.47. Seconded by Jacoby. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.
9. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Airport Reports, Municipal Clerks Appreciation Proclamation
11. ADJOURNMENT Motion by Zoch to adjourn. Seconded by Seidel. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

/s/Kim S. Albano
Town Clerk

Approved: ____April 25, 2017_____

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