Minutes Regular Town Board Meeting April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017

This Regular Town Board Meeting was noticed according to State Statute 19.84. Posted as required by law, news media notified. Board members present were Chairman Michael Timmons, Supervisors Corky Sheppard, Shirley Jacoby, Ed Richardson and Barry Seidel, Jr. Also present were Christine Woynich-Clerk, Road Crew Chief Michael Pockat, Kristine Johnson-Treasurer, Kristin Kanzelberger-Deputy Clerk, Heidi Fink, Thomas & Barbara Thompson and George Zoch.
Chairman Timmons called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance conducted.

Motion by Sheppard; seconded by Richardson, to move agenda item 2 to after 8 due to the presenter not being in attendance, and to approve the agenda with the new order of the agenda items at the Chair’s discretion. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.

Motion by Richardson; seconded by Jacoby to approve the minutes of April 11, 2017 Regular Town Board meeting. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried.


• Richardson shared that himself, as well as members of the road crew, attended an asphalt maintenance seminar. He provided an informational packet that will be routed for all supervisors to review.


1. MUNICIPAL CLERKS WEEK PROCLAMATION Timmons read Governor Walker’s Municipal Clerk Weeks Proclamation. No action taken.
2. CONSIDER MID LAKE ROAD BID Pitlik & Wick Inc was the only bid received in the amount of $207,317.51. Timmons stated that Lindsay Nelson’s concerns about raising his personal driveway would cost an additional $10,000.00-$20,000.00. Jacoby questioned where the money was coming from the budget. Timmons explained the money was coming from a savings account, TRIP, and the road budget. Seidel Jr. stated that the bid was under the total road budget for the year. Motion by Seidel to accept the bid, seconded by Richardson. All board members voted Aye, Motion Carried.
3. SALT SHED SPECIFICATIONS/LET OUT FOR BID Timmons stated that changes needed to be made to the specifications for the bid based on recommendation from a local contractor. Motion by Seidel, Jr., seconded by Sheppard to let out the salt/shed bid as revised. All members voted Aye; Motion Carried.
4. FIRE TRUCK-HOW TO PROCEED Deadline to add the purchase of a fire truck to the 2018 budget would be at the end of October budget workshop. Discussion on the current financing and payments for the current financed fire truck. Discussion on possible prices, financing terms and timing, aerial vs. non-aerial. Jacoby asked if the Fire Department would be contributing fundraiser money towards the purchase of a truck. Timmons stated that fundraiser money was already allocated for the brush truck replacement. Sheppard requested that the fire department provide current purchase price figures at the next meeting. Richardson requested figures be brought for aerial and non-aerial trucks. No action taken.
5. ROAD DEPARTMENT/FIRE DEPARTMENT SIDING Timmons stated that Dave Meier recommended against tightening the siding because it will cause further breakage. Timmons received a rough estimate from Pukall Lumber for $6017.83 to purchase replacement siding for the face of both buildings. Discussion on whether the road crew could perform the removal and application of new siding and whether there was time in their schedule with storm clean up and street sweeping. Timmons will bring estimates of cost for materials and work performed to replace the siding to the next meeting. No action taken.
6. DISCUSS ROADS FOR ROAD TOUR AND SCHEDULE DATE FOR TOUR Timmons stated the tour has always been done collectively with the entire board. Will wait for the PASER report to be completed and will bring it back to a future agenda item. Will also review the prior “wish list”. No action taken.
7. TIME OF BOARD MEETINGS Timmons stated several residents had commented to him that they would like the time moved back to 6:30 because they are unable to make the meetings due to work schedule conflict. Discussion followed with different time preferences. The board meetings will remain at 6:00. No action taken.
8. LAKELAND RETIREMENT FOUNDATION QUARTERLY REPORT AND REQUEST FOR APPROPRIATION There was no one in attendance to present the report. No funds will be released until a report is received. No action taken.
9. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Fire truck, road tour, possibly Lakeland Retirement, winter storage for the sweeper, road department/fire department siding, salt shed.
11. ADJOURNMENT Motion by Sheppard to adjourn. Seconded by Jacoby. All board members voted aye; Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:06 p.m.

/s/Christine Woynich
Town Clerk

Approved: ____05/09/2017_____

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