Town of Woodruff

Preliminary Election Results for April 3, 2018

*These results are preliminary and are subject to change.

Justice of the Supreme Court

Michael Screnock-257

Rebecca Dallet-267

Circuit Court Judge Branch 2

Michael H. Bloom-395

County Supervisor District 16

Michael Timmons-312

County Supervisor District 18

Lance Krolczyk-89

Town Board Supervisor

Raymond Christenson-281

Mike Doud-298

Ed Richardson-191

Barry Seidel, Jr.-198

School Board Member AV-W

Tamala Schroeder-53

Judith E. Nelson-38

School Board Member AV-W Rep.

Bruce W. Shepherd-134

Pamela M. Carroll-298

School Board Member LDF

Gary Smith-337

School Board Member At Large

Barry Seidel, Jr.-333

Referendum "Elimination of state treasurer"